Art Director
Good War Games
  • Logo Design
  • Character Design
  • Character Animation
  • Enemy and Item Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Promotional Art


Project Overview

Wasabi Horizon is an open world, action adventure game that allows the player to explore distinct environments, battle hordes of enemies, and traverse through dungeons, in order to save the land from the armies that plague it.

The Story

Wasabi, an octopus trained in the ways of the warrior becomes unwittingly involved in a battle between two forces the likes of which may not ever fully comprehend. When Wasabi’s once familiar island home becomes the warped staging ground for the forces of the Four Seasons, Wasabi will embark on a quest rich with discovery and filled with the true spirit of adventure. On this quest Wasabi will come face to face with overwhelming enemies both brutal and cunning, marshaled by forces hellbent on the spread of chaos, all the while, an ominous figure weaves a mysterious path through the land. Throughout this adventure, Wasabi will discover who is truly behind this invasion and bring balance back to the island.

Main Character