Project Overview

Traverse 8 stories of non-stop bullets in this platformer, bullet-hell! Keep in mind your Robo-buddy R.O.M.E. is counting on you so, move through levels carefully and DON’T F#*K THIS UP!

Hyper BAE is only available for PC and was proudly made with Unreal Engine 4!

Art Director
Goodwar Games
  • Logo Design
  • Character Iteration
  • Character Animation
  • Enemy and Item Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Promotional Art


The Story

Hazel, a Biological Artifacts Engineer has set out to save a sentient meteor from being transformed into a weaponized government mech (code-named R.O.M.E.) Hazel must now break into and traverse the secure facility of the very same organization that she works for.

Run, jump and double jump through an intimidating web of fatality-inducing bullets spewed by a cadre of angry robotic sentry guns as you make your way up the twisted sci-fi scaffolds of an alien mech.   



Hyper B.A.E. was a project so early in my career that I was still learning about how to pick the optimal size to export 2D assets in such a way that your engine won’t catch fire. R.O.M.E., The large sentient mech in the background, personally saw to it himself, that I learn that lesson.

At this point, I still haven’t even used any animation software. I was still making Frame by Frame animations in Illustrator (as in…with no timeline) So this became very time-consuming. As you can see there are different iterations on Hazel, vector, hand-drawn, and even pixel art, however, the sprites that were created to be used “In Engine” were all made on illustrator and can be seen in the Hyper Bae Game Manual (found below).

LOGO Iterations

is love.


What started off as a week-long Game Jam resulted in a 2-month demo. It’s very common in Indie Video Game development to discover an IP that you want to further explore well past the MVP stage…Especially when participating in game jams. A game jam is a perfect opportunity to experiment with all the new ideas, techniques, software, and stories that you’ve been dying to try out, in a short period of time. Even though not every game jam product is a winner, every now and then you come up with an idea that’s just too cool to let it slide by without a little extra development and polish than you had originally intended. This was that project and so much was learned from it.


Large robot created


Hours spent on project


Assets created for a video game demo launch in under 2 months