Project Overview

GLUN is a fast-paced, shoot ’em up style game in which your gun serves the dual purpose of attacking as well movement. The direction of your shot will determine what direction you move in. GLUN was made as part of a Game Jam.

Art Director
Goodwar Games
  • Logo Design
  • Character Design
  • Character Animation
  • Enemy and Item Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Promotional Art



His name is Oral. He is a large demon Head who is tied to a pair of marble columns and is constantly chewing on his torture victims. His HUD is completely animated using frame-by-frame animation.

The Game

Mike Hex is one ghost that just refuses to stay dead! Shades on, Cigarette lit and armed with a Glun (a high-powered demonic machine gun with unlimited ammo)…This is Mike’s idea of a party…and all of hell is invited. Break out from the underworld and slay a few demons along the way…that is if you can manage the glun’s legendarily excessive and perpetual recoil!

Design Challenge

On this project, we were given the challenge of implementing “Dual Mechanics” into our gameplay. This means that we needed to come up with a feature that allowed our player to accomplish two different tasks with the same input! We chose Movement and Attack. We went with the funniest thing we could think of which is a character whose weapon is so powerful that every time you shoot your gun you are almost uncontrollably propelled around the room…Challenge accepted.

The Process

This Demo was made on Unreal Engine. I started off by designing and animating the main character. This is pretty common in my workflow. The sooner I can hand off the main character the sooner the programmer can start to tackle his deliverables while I go creating the next assets. We were able to implement 4 enemies with unique/movement and attack patterns, as well as the main boss. I created a “bone” sprite sheet to be used as particles. Every time you slay an enemy, a ton of bone sprites, as well as red particles, fly all over the screen…what a sight to behold. After getting all the characters animated I was then able to work on the logo, Main Menu Screen, and any other fun little asset or animation I could think of, for the allotted time.


This is one project that we decided to be strict on our deadlines. There wasn’t going to be a second or third pass. We had the objectives that we accomplished; however, polishing and finalizing assets was not the skill that we were looking to flex here, rather our ability to work as a team under pressure.


Assets created for video game MVP in under 2weeks.


Hours spent on the project.


Indie Developers worked on this project.