Friendship Spaceship…An intergalactic Party of a lifetime. Can You Survive This Epic Rager? The Alien psychedelics? Maybe With a little help from your friends…

Project Overview

Friendship Spaceship is a Board Game that was created in the span of 3 weeks! I worked with a group of 4 friends to bring this project to life. This project was created and dedicated to a large group of friends (some of which we were meeting for the first time). Our objective was to put everyone in the game. Utilizing my friend’s pictures gathered from their social media I was able to turn my friends into original sci-fi characters using photo bashing techniques and digital painting. The backgrounds textures, fonts, card layout, as well as the faction card’s character designs were all handled by Melanie Somoano. Game Design, copy, lore, and printed materials (including cards, 3D Printed tokens, and packaging) were all handled by the remainder of the team.