Project Overview

Elsie is a technicolor, hyperkinetic, rogue-like action-platformer filled with procedurally generated levels, an army of robots to blast through, and a wide scope of items and weaponry to make each run as unique as possible.

Art Director
Knight Shift Games
  • Logo Design
  • Character Redesign
  • Character Animation
  • Enemy and Item Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Promotional Art

November 2018 – March 2021

The Story

A trigger is pulled. The ground trembles as a burning round of energy ammunition hungrily burrows into yet another corrupt metallic husk. Elsie is no ordinary Guardian. Elsie’s Internal Magitek Engine has no limit of spells that it can consume, constantly enhancing her powers, evolving further than it was ever thought possible. The ability to propel her cells through space and yield a vast armory of technomagik weaponry makes her as worthy as any other Guardian who once called the Sapir Wharf their home.


…where to begin…


After Designing Elsie’s Sprite, I personally handled all of her animations. I created 19 frame-by-frame character animations for Elsie. Below are some of the animations I had the most fun working on. Luckily Knightshift studio is working with extremely talented pixel artists and animators that I had the pleasure of collaborating with. The animation team focuses on character and prop animation while I design the static sprites for the games Bosses, Enemies, NPC’s, etc for them to animate. 



Environment Backgrounds

Environment tiles + props

The Process

The programmer and game designer create a list of concepts each with a description of how they function in the world and any notes that might inspire a visual design or help set restrictions and guidelines. After I process the notes, I begin to research. I start off on Pinterest setting aside boards for specific reference material on everything from environments to designing the main character. When I design I usually try to go for the kill on my first go since I’m often short on time; however, at this point, I show my work to the team for a green light.



Stay Tuned!