Project Overview

Dont Drink and Drive is a 1 V 1 fighter style game with a twist. Inspired by the amazing time we had on the Cruise we decided to theme the project as a “Drinking” fighter In which the player can throw drinks at his/her opponent.

The more drinks you get hit with the more difficult it becomes to control your character. Every now and then food will randomly spawn in the level that you can consume to regain sobriety allowing you to better control your character (But you have 5 Seconds to get to the food before it goes rotten and instead deals damage.

When the countdown is up whoever is most sober, wins the round!

The Story

Vodka the Bear Vs. Clubba the Seal

Supporting Artist
Gacu Con
  • Logo Design
  • Character Animation Color swap
  • Title Screen + Various Menu Screens
  • Environmental Assets for a level
  • Promotional Art


Vodka The Bear

Food and Beverages